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Super (not so) Fun Night

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Alejandra Garcia | Staff Writer


Super Fun Night was super awkward.


The show’s expectations fell short for comedian, Rebel Wilson, on the debut of her new TV series.


The characters Wilson played from films “Bridesmaids” and “Pitch Perfect” were rolled into the show’s leading character Kimmie Boubier.


In the show’s debut episode, Kimmie is recently promoted at the law firm she works at. Despite being a successful young woman, Kimmie still faces challenges that have haunted her since her teen years.


Bullies, confidence, and love interests are few to mention.

To get over her stage fright, Kimmie goes to “sing her heart out” at a bar with the support of her best friends, Helen Alice, played by Liza Lapira and Marika, played by Lauren Ash, as well as her crush and co-worker, Richard, played by Kevin Bishop.


Kimmie’s bully and co-worker, Kendall, played by Kate Jenkins, tries to ruin her night out by competing in the bar’s singing competition, and to win over Richard.

In the end Kendall won the competition, but lost the guy. Fortunately for Kimmie, Richard was scared by Kendall’s competitive drive.


The cliché of the storyline seems burned out, and the choice of actors doesn’t help it much.


The unfunny supporting cast, also known as Kimmie’s gal pals, may bring this show to have a short-lived season.


It seems like Kimmie’s best friends are knock off versions of characters from “Bridesmaids.” And that isn’t funny.  It’s just annoying.


Awkwardness aside, fat jokes are a constant throughout the show. “Well, I’m gonna go now before my boob sweat seeps into my Spanx” are a couple of gags that Wilson’s character spontaneously says.


Should one laugh? Should one cringe? Most of the show makes you cringe, and it even makes you feel a little embarrassed too.


If you want to give the show a chance, Super Fun Night airs on ABC Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m.

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