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Immigration at your own risk

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Mark Anthony Howard | Opinions Editor

If 11 people moved into a single story house, some serious rules and regulation would be in order. Wouldn’t it?

The US Congress doesn’t think so.

The US census bureau reports 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States and “The House” (Congress) has made no laws concerning it.

Each of these undocumented persons has immigrated into America under outdated and unfair immigration laws— subject to each states own discernment.

Forty-three states have taken their own initiative to pass bills to regulate their immigration issues and its effects.

Some states are denying rights of non citizens to college and professional practices while some are granting immigrants rights to drivers licensing and college institutions.

Congress has failed to recognize immigration as a Federal concern at all, and stalled in any passing of reformed legislation on Immigration.

As with any issue there are both positive and negative effects but Congress refuses to acknowledge its effect at all.

Immigrants contribute billions in tax revenue and real estate rental property but flood school systems, job markets, public services and public health clinics.

The Obama Administration has deported a record setting four hundred thousand immigrants this year, but some still say our borders are too permissive of immigrant entry in the first place.

Even immigrants who wait to enter the country legally remain in a limbo for years with an unfairly dis-qualifying and untimely citizenship process.

About four million are stuck in the family visa backlog and spend years waiting to enter this country to join their families.

My opinion neither advocates, nor opposes immigrants and their grant of rights in the United States.

My opinion is that The US Congress should be held sharply accountable to addressing and making legislation in attempts to fairly resolve this critical issue.

If congress doesn’t address the issues that the community is concerned of, we should elect members who will.

As an American citizen, I believe Congress is continually negligent in its duties.

This negligence is again evident with their inability to pass legislation that will provide a fair and inclusive pathway to citizenship and regulation of the immigrant population in America.

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