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Editorial: Americans need another stimulus package

By The Viewpoints Editorial Board Welcome to the Great Depression 2.0. Our country’s unemployment has not reached such dismal levels since the 1930s. While the U.S. Department of Labor reported a 0.9% decrease in unemployment in July, amounting to 16.3 million unemployed people, the department admits an overall increase of 10.6 million unemployed people since

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Bernie Sanders speaks to potential voters in Riverside

A line stretched several blocks around the Riverside Municipal Auditorium filled with Bernie Sanders supporters and undecided voters in efforts to have the chance to see the Democratic presidential hopeful speak May 24.

Immigration at your own risk

Mark Anthony Howard | Opinions Editor If 11 people moved into a single story house, some serious rules and regulation would be in order. Wouldn’t it? The US Congress doesn’t think so. The US census bureau reports 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States and “The House” (Congress) has made no laws concerning

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Debt ceiling mystery made simple

Submission by Daniel Soto from the Economic Literacy Organization of Riverside Community College or Econo-Sense. The club believes in spreading economic knowlege in a way that everyone can understand to allow them to view the world economically and politically. Econo-Sense is an a-political as club. It is no secret that the United States has a large amount

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