The downside of unlimited texts

For those of you who have not been initiated, “sexting” is the new trend among fun and flirtatious text messaging. This is the act of sending, receiving, or forwarding risqué, photos of yourself or others through your cell phone. Thanks to technology, photos, e-mail, and videos are easily spread because these features are common to almost every cell phone model.

Who should watch the ‘Watchmen?’

Imagine a world where the president is drunk with the power of his military arsenal, the world is constantly on the brink of nuclear war and anyone who speaks out against the government is a victim of character assassination. While this world may ring true to recent events, it is also the alternate universe that is the setting of Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel “Watchmen.

Pass GO and play musical monopoly

Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment, two of the music industry’s leading event companies, are attempting to join forces and create Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s “premier live entertainment company.” The official press release cites improvements, including access to tickets, ticket pricing options and increasing attendance at live events as the main reasons behind the merger.

‘Invaders Must’ be noisy

Listening to Prodigy requires an insatiable apetite for noise. Adrenaline almost seeps through the majority of their records. On it’s fifth studio album, “Invaders Must Die,” the group returns to its root of making glass-shattering music with a warn-your-neighbors approach.

Bromance on display in ‘Love’

You know you’re watching a good, funny movie when the credits roll and the person next to you says, unasked, “Damn, that was an awesome movie.” Yeah, “I Love You, Man” really is that good. Peter (Paul Rudd) has proposed to his girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones).

Stop the remake madness!

Hollywood is thoroughly destroying everything I love. The torrent of trash that Hollywood has managed to put out in the last few months has been non-stop. There isn’t a movie out there right now about a video game, comic book or cartoon that has been done well.

‘My Boys’ hits its stride with third season premiere

There was a time not so long ago when new television programming was limited to fall, with several weeks of reruns in the spring and summer. However, cable outlets have begun to capitalize on the broadcast networks traditional eight month calendar by offering new programming year round.

Tigers rally from late inning deficit

Winning 11 of their last 12 games, including their last five conference games, the ladies of RCC fastpitch are well on their way to clinching first place in the Orange Empire Conference. Only Cypress and Fullerton College stand in their way tied atop the conference.

Still undefeated in conference

Saddleback was no competition for the Riverside City College Tigers, as they won all nine of their matches with powerful groundstrokes, which kept Saddleback off-balance and on the run. Riverside cruised through all six of their singles matches and all three of their doubles matches.

Harada’s struggle preserved

The smell and sights that surround you as you walk through the door at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum take you back to another time in Riverside history. As you enter further into the museum and witness the exhibit “Reading the Walls,” the feelings of that history stir within you.

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