Day: December 20, 2007

Sport of Kings, Queens

“At least it can’t enjoy the victory,” said Garry Kasparov after his first defeat in his infamous Chess match against the computer Deep Blue in 1996. Kasparov, like many other world champions of chess, has faced off against computers. However, he is the first reigning world champion to lose to a computer.

Debunking 9/11 Truth Movement

According to a growing number of conspiracy theorists, the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 never happened. The events that occurred and were documented on 9/11 are perceived by conspiracy theorists to be planned out and orchestrated by the United States government to incite patriotism and to create a basis for attacking the Middle East.

Riverside beefs up recycling

Trash fills the streets. Land fills are becoming overcrowded. These problems are leaving the environment hideous and polluted. With unnecessary items thrown away as trash or not being thrown away at all, it poses a real threat to the earth. One easy and fast solution is to help out your community by choosing to recycle.

There will be blood

As far as critical acclaim is concerned, look no further than “There Will Be Blood.” Daniel Day Lewis (“Gangs Of New York”) and Paul Dano (“Little Miss Sunshine”) are the main selling points on a movie of greed, hatred, faith and oil. The powerful acting of Lewis teamed with the breakout success of Dano promise to accent a movie that will leave audiences begging for more.

Candidate Overview: Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a candidate worth noting for his ideas that are not held by any other Republican candidate. Paul is against many of the issues other Republican candidates are supporting, including the No Child Left Behind bill and the Patriot Act; he also is against the Iraq War and the Department of Education.