Winter movies preview

The winter season is a time for gift giving, family gathering and a time off from school. Luckily, those who make movie have created a plethora of films to help spend all that free time and holiday cash. If these films exactly what you were wishing for this holiday season, here’s a few more in-depth looks at the a few best, and worst, movies to be expected.

Title IX helps athletes, hinders women coaches

Prior to Title IX’s passage in 1972 women coached 90 percent of women’s teams. In the past men’s and women’s physical education departments were seperate. Thus, women instructors were also the coaches for the women’s athletic teams. Women coaches need to reach out to other women through mentoring and by offering them assistant coaching positions. As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

We love RCC

Here at Viewpoints we are often criticized for portraying RCC negatively. This is perhaps an honest observation. We work hard at holding RCC to a higher standard because we expect great things from a college that has so much to offer its students. It is our responsibility to challenge the college administration to better the institution it serves. But it is easy in all the hoopla to forget what attracted us to RCC; to forget that the reason we work so hard is because there are things at the college worth working for. So in the spirit of this sentiment here are several positive attributes of RCC.

Rotella maneuvers into chancellorship

In 2007 RCC’s district will separate into three independent colleges, each with its own president and all falling under the supervision of a single chancellor. According to Mike Gasca, member of the student senate, without even a cursory search of the surrounding community, much less the state or nation, the Board of Trustees is considering Rotella as the best person for this six-figure position.

Grab those classes online

The time has come when students once again must deal with the horror and agony that is Tiger Talk. No matter how sophisticated, problems arise every semester when students register for classes. This coming semester, however, RCC is making an effort to make registering for classes somewhat easier by making online registration an option. The online registration version of Tiger Talk is always available, absent of busy signals, and your schedule can be printed out as many times as you want, anytime you want, which saves the hassle of waiting in at line at the admissions office.

RCC basketball coach optimistic

As the season begins for the womens’ basketball team, head coach Alicia Berber has a lot of positive things to say about the program, the sport and most importantly, the women. Berber, in her fourth coaching season here at RCC, knows what it is like to be a student athlete. “We are all great individual players that work really hard, but communication is key and we need to work on that a little more. We are extremely excited,” Pickron said. “We have strong sophomores and a great recruiting class. Our team is a team, it isn’t the freshman and the sophomores. We are a whole.”

Water polo finishes at state

The Tigers had a strong season, with only a few speed bumps along the way. Their first loss didn’t come until the Long Beach tournament, when the Tigers were down by two goals and lost the championship game to Long Beach City, which was then the second top team in the state. “We were really strong this year,” Almquist said. “I’m excited for next year.”

Saying goodbye for now…

Calling it his “golden handshake,” Bob Schermerhorn has no regrets about his opportunity to venture into the next part of his life, whatever that may be. As he explains it, his years here were never supposed to last this long. Already in the Hall of Fame for his coaching days at Arizona, he revels in the prospect of being an assistant to a younger coach and being able to dispense his wisdom to someone new.

The end of the season brings rewards for RCC

The fall sports season has drawn to a close, and with it ends another season of sports at Riverside Community College. Several athletes have proven themselves over the past few months and showed enough skill for the Orange Empire Conference to name them to the All-Conference for their particular sport.

RCC spreads holiday cheer

Riverside Community College’s student government is doing its part to fill some of those children’s hands by holding a festive charity event on the Riverside campus for the upcoming holidays. Students can participate at the Bradshaw Student Center where student government has set up a Christmas tree decorated in ornaments, each with a written description of a little boy or girl between the ages of infancy to young teenager. Each student may choose one of these ornaments from the tree which will give them an idea of what would be a suitable gift for a child of that gender and age. Typical items to donate include clothing, children’s books, packaged toys, stuffed animals, age-appropriate learning materials or anything else that would bring joy to these underprivileged children for the holiday season.

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