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Have cell phones taken over us?

As we stay glued to our cell phones with social media, games and music, the world keeps spinning Zach Ingram | Staff writer As you scurry off to class in a rush to beat the bell, you find yourself nearly sprinting to the door. As the door inches ever closer, and the instructors voice becomes ever more clear, you begin to panic as

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The litter challenge: Have you done your part for the world?

Zachary Ingram | Staff Writer   You along with every one of your peers is guilty of a capital crime. Yes you, guilty. Guilty, hands down, at 12 to zero. You can try to find yourself the best lawyer money can buy, but there is no defense in the world that can prove your innocence. Don’t act coy, you know what grand felony you

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A Healthy Cafe Choice

ZACHARY INGRAM | Staff Writer Don’t you love the smell of bacon in the morning? Eating is a natural desire that we can all agree is an enjoyable pastime. The on campus City Gill offers healthy options that are sure to fill your tummy and satisfy those taste buds. A salad bar, sandwiches, whole wheat

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