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OPINION: YouTube’s descent from platform to corporation

By John Guerrero Over the past few years, YouTube has grown exponentially and has become a place where millions of users worldwide can express themselves. Similar to TikTok’s boom, users have access to an ocean of videos ranging from gaming, cooking, comedy, horror and so much more.   As YouTube grew larger and saw the potential

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James Wan recycles ideas from previous movies in his newest film “Malignant”

By William L.G. Stephens The opening sequence of “Malignant” resonates as if it was left on the editing floor of a “Stranger Things” storyboard room.  It’s all there, the dark hospital on the cliff, the disturbed patient being studied and the experimental score playing in the background.  With little advertisement, other than the ones that

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Three creepy albums for a homemade haunt

By Stephanie Arenas With Halloween just days away, one may feel discouraged to celebrate the holiday due to COVID-19.  However, you shouldn’t feel that way, as there are plenty of other ways to celebrate. Many may watch Halloween movies or perhaps even host a Zoom party with their friends. Personally, I can’t wait to get

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Disney’s “Mulan” sparks boycotts

By Justin Yoth A live-action reboot of an animated classic is stirring unease for Disney lovers.  “Mulan,” released Sept. 4 on Disney+, was originally set to release in theaters March 27, but was postponed three times due to COVID-19 safety regulations. “Mulan” is based on the 1998 animated film and attempts to realistically mirror the

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Former Riverside City College student goes from lectures to love songs

Correction: In a previous version of this story, we incorrectly referred to Lucy Eaton’s producer as Eric Lee. His name is Marcus Lee. By Alyssa Aldrete Like most young adults, 21-year-old Lucy Eaton enrolled in college to forge a new path for herself.  Through a series of chances taken and opportunities met, she has now

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Machine Gun Kelly defies the odds, wins VMA

By Kyiesha Chavez “Still in mental shock that we might get a moon man,” rapper and actor Colson Baker, otherwise known as Machine Gun Kelly, tweeted July 30 about MTV announcing this year’s Video Music Awards nominees.  What made his nomination even more special was that it was for “Best Alternative Video,” a category that

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Recipe: Recreating Remy’s world famous ratatouille

By Stephanie Arenas The 2007 animation film “Ratatouille” left a lasting impression on my childhood.  It’s story-driven, cleverly imaginative and most importantly — visually appealing. The scene that stuck with me most was when Anton Ego, a brutal food critic, tastes chef rat Remy’s ratatouille dish, which then transports Ego back to a childhood memory.

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The Netflix movie causing all the drama

By Justin Romeo Amran Yoth Netflix just debuted a controversial French film despite heavy public backlash and calls for the streaming service to be canceled. “Cuties” released Sept. 9, received immense criticism from many across the social media from the start.  The film’s trailer features an 11-year-old Muslim girl, Amy (Fathia Youssouf, 14), who defies

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American Cholo pushes for Brown unity and political participation

By Erik Galicia Hollywood is perceived across the globe as the land of stars and glamour.  But just across the hills that hold the world famous Hollywood sign lie the barrios of North Hollywood, which in the 1980s and ’90s were plagued by gang violence. That’s where Gil Tejada, 41, got his start. He spent

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Students left without notification of nearby shooting

The Riverside Community College District failed to inform students of an incident, which was initially reported by some to be an active shooter situation, that occurred next to the district’s new plaza.