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James Wan recycles ideas from previous movies in his newest film “Malignant”

By William L.G. Stephens The opening sequence of “Malignant” resonates as if it was left on the editing floor of a “Stranger Things” storyboard room.  It’s all there, the dark hospital on the cliff, the disturbed patient being studied and the experimental score playing in the background.  With little advertisement, other than the ones that

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TV Review: It only gets ‘Stranger’ from here

By Heidi Dye “Stranger Things,” a series that combines the ‘80s nostalgia, Dungeons and Dragons and just enough science-fiction undertones to please the nerd in all of us. Honestly what more could a viewer ask for?  Now for those who have not seen any episodes of “Stranger Things,” I highly recommend watching it. For those

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