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The Rat Hole takes you down a rabbit hole of vintage records

By Jacob Quezada Steve Jobs made history with the reveal of the iPod in 2001, and while the music industry sailed into the future, it was somehow also cast into oblivion. The days of the Walkman would be long gone, nevermind the cassette player, and you could totally forget about the vinyl record player. But

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Hollywood producer charms a full house

DEBORAH HUERTA | Special To Viewpoints “People in Hollywood don’t want to share what they know because they don’t know much.” That wasn’t the case Wednesday evening when RCC students, and staff, were taken for a short journey down the rabbit hole with guest speaker Christopher Pratt. Pratt is a writer, a producer, an author, a literary and talent manager, and a consultant for think tanks

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Anticipated reveals at Apple keynote

David Roman | Asst. Inscape Editor As technology continues to make leaps in the capabilities of handheld smartphones, the latest announcement of the newest additions to the Apple family has left some people feeling impressed, some let down, and others as indifferent as they where before they Googled the new Apple products on their Androids.

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