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Black Friday shopping provides deals, thrills

I’m obsessed with Black Friday shopping.

My obsession started back in 2011 after my relationship ended and moved in with my mom and sister. I wasn’t really used to getting out of the house much, so when my sister Desi asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her on Thanksgiving Day, I said sure.

Obesity: obstacle or opportunity?

Luis Solis | Staff Writer Obesity should not be consider a disability. Saying that obesity is a handicap is like saying alcoholism is a disease, or the belief that people are born gay. The general public makes excuses in order to make themselves feel better. Webster’s dictionary describes disabled as a disadvantage for a given individual, resulting from an impairment or disability that limits or prevents

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Tragedy inspires professor

TREVA FLORES | STAFF WRITER Teachers don’t live at school; it’s something we all know, yet sometimes it’s hard to grasp this concept. It can be tough to remember your professor has a life outside of the campus. Some have families, some play mini golf in their spare time, and others may have pet cats and

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Snip and Stitch

Alejandra Garcia | Staff Writer Fashion is not just a fad or a pastime for Riverside City College students Tania Herrera and Alicia Ahumada. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, and they are also making their dream a reality, with encouragement from their friends. Herrera and Ahumada launched Stitch Witches, a vintage, do-it-yourself clothing company, in the hopes of creating a path for themselves. They started their

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