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‘Resident Evil 8: Village’ brings the action

By Tyrese Blue Resident Evil has become one of the most talked about and trending games of the year by far, due to its new approach to the franchise. Many fans were not pleased with the 2012 release of “Resident Evil 6” and some even claimed “the series lost its way.” Due to its failure,

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‘Mortal Kombat’ satisfies your thirst for blood

By Tim Nacey This movie contains the most blood that I’ve ever seen outside of the horror genre. If that got your attention in a positive way, “Mortal Kombat” was made for you. Video game movies haven’t been in a great place historically. In fact, they’re a bit of a laughing stock. The Hollywood machine

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BMTH’s “Post Human: Survival Horror” is the soundtrack to 2020

By Alyssa Aldrete About 14 years ago, British metal band Bring Me The Horizon burst onto the alternative rock scene with their MySpace-era metalcore and were met with a lot of sneers from anyone not in their target audience.  Their lyrics were vulgar, their thrash metal sound was hard for mainstream magazines to praise, and

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