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RERUN SHUFFLE 04: Frasier 4×18 -“Ham Radio”

In this week’s episode, Tim Nacey and Leo Cabral laugh at and stress over Season 4 Episode 18 of “Frasier” in “Ham Radio” where titular (and apprehensive) character Frasier Crane decides to write and direct an old-fashioned radio show called “Nightmare Inn.” Leo and Tim discuss how the jabs and stereotypes of certain marginalized groups

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RERUN SHUFFLE 03: Courage the Cowardly Dog 2×13 -“The Tower of Dr. Zalost”

Click here to listen on Anchor. This week, we dig into Season 2 Episode 13 of Courage The Cowardly Dog: “The Tower of Dr. Zalost” in which a perpetually depressed mad scientist uses cannonballs infused with the essence of sadness to make everyone as miserable as he is. When Muriel is hit, its up to

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RERUN SHUFFLE 02: King of the Hill 6×08 -“Joust Like A Woman”

This week on Rerun Shuffle: Leo and Tim dive into the sometimes dicey waters of “King of the Hill” with an episode that focuses on misogyny and gender politics. Does it do the concept justice or is it stuck in the past, like the Alan Rickman voiced King? Listen on to find out! 0:00-1:03 Intros!

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