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Petitioners pose privacy issues

Posted: Feb. 17, 2015 | Written by Lawrence Manns Each person’s signature is unique to themselves, and as such it has become a person’s gateway to the world. This holds especially true for college students, as their signature is used for applying to a school, to buying a celebratory graduation dinner and everything in between.

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Nosey People Suck (N.S.A.)

Mark Anthony Howard | Opinions Editor Nosey people suck, and they are everywhere. How uncomfortable would you be if some weirdo in the digital library kept looking around his cubicle every time you logged on your email, Facebook or social site? It sucks but some people don’t respect others privacy and really don’t know how to mind their own business. It really sucks

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Invasion: cyber intelligence, friend or foe?

By Autumn Yi | Staff Writer Celeste Walter | Staff Illustrator The internet – as a phenomenon marked by endless space for creative expression and anonymity, the internet acts as a sanctuary for those looking for an escape from reality. Among the articles and extensive academic resources, a user can find worlds of dragons and

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