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Model United Nations offers a glimpse into world affairs

Amina Samreen Salahuddin | Asst. Features Editor May 15, 2014 In the current world, where there is injustice and a disregard of basic human rights prevailing abundantly, getting to know civil rights, food security and making the world a better place to live seems to be the need of the hour. This is what the Riverside City

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Melvin Gurtov speaks to full house

Author of “The Pentagon Paper,” and former RAND employee speaks to full house on the rise, or not, of China. JOSA LAMONT | STAFF EDITOR Mel Gurtov gave a lecture on the threat level of China’s current foothold in global politics. On Oct. 24 at 3 p.m. he presented to a crowd of students and faculty who resorted to standing

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