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Opinion: Sudden recognition of Black lives insincere

By Ashley Hayner The color black is salient among many, now anyways. Whether you agree with it or not, at one time you’ve heard the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” But it wasn’t until after George Floyd’s death May 25 that people worldwide began taking real notice as to why Black lives matter.  I say this

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Fueling the flames

After officer Darren Wilson was not indicted in the shooting of unarmed teen, Michael Brown, Ferguson Missouri erupted Published: Dec. 1, 2014 Police have a different set of rules than the rest of society, and that is a problem. People opt for the burly alpha type personality to fill police roles, hoping that the strength

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Ferguson exhibits militarization of police force

Charles Wagner | Opinions Editor Sept. 18, 2014 August 9, 2014 will no doubt go down as yet another landmark moment, which has once again set racial injustice, and police brutality, back into the forefront of the national conversation putting on public display, the bubbling cauldron of frustration Unless you have been living under a

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