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Views: Officials should close gun stores, unnecessary during quarantine

By Leo Cabral It is no surprise that America would consider gun shops essential businesses. Who loves guns more than good ol’ America? State and local governments have laid out recommended regulations during the shelter in place order levied in mid March and, quite frankly, firearms do not quite fit the level of necessity as

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Opinion: A system rigged against them

By Leslie Santibanez Undocumented abuse victims live in a world where the fear of being deported causes them to remain with abusers. This is the everyday reality of being an abused undocumented woman in the United States. These women live a life filled with paranoia. They are afraid of their abusers, authority figures, and in

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Oct. 19-Nov. 11 crime briefs


Nov. 11

Unwanted sexual advances

A female student reported that during the course of a conversation with an unknown male he touched her back and the lower part of her buttocks without her consent. According to RCCD Sgt. Robert Kleveno, the suspect was described by the victim as a male