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Former Riverside City College students launch business, turns passion into profit

By Cheetara Piry Two former Riverside City College students took advantage of its vast catalog and affordability, consequently becoming successful entrepreneurs who built an oasis in the heart of Downtown Riverside. The latest addition to downtown’s growing number of small businesses, Meraki Plants is a female-owned indoor plant nursery that showcases thousands of lush and

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Greenhouse plans cause stir in Science department

Posted Dec. 3, 2014 | Printed Dec. 1, 2014 Valerie Osier | News Editor Riverside City College faculty are hesitant to open the door for more problems that could be caused by the addition of a greenhouse on the roof of the Math and Science Building. Problems such as sickening odors, poor ventilation, excessive noise

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Demands by protesters met to re-open STEM Center

VALERIE OSIER | STAFF WRITER Students protested two years ago when the Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Center at Riverside City College closed down due to budget issues. A College Cost Reduction and Access grant that was awarded to Riverside City College after Biology professor Heather Smith wrote and submitted the proposal for it in 2009 previously funded the STEM Center. Be c au se RCC hadn’t institutionalized

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