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Communities across California unite to protect street vendors

By Jennipher Vasquez Communities across California have joined forces to safeguard street vendors in the wake of a recent homicide.  Lorenzo Perez, 45, worked as a street vendor in Fresno, California. He was approached by an 18-year-old male and shot in the head March 21.  The 18-year-old pretended he was going to buy something from

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Opinion: Pundits misinterpret political ideologies

By Olivia Drobny Words are important.  You are reading this newspaper and the words you are reading matter. Words shape arguments, describe emotions, paint mental pictures, show movement.  Today in America, we seem to have forgotten that words have meaning. We are an overconfident society that prefers reckless self-righteousness over truth and reality. Our national

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Opinion: Dear Berkeley: Free speech matters

The University of California, Berkeley—the campus that famously birthed the free speech movement of the 1960s—was once the epicenter of the marketplace of ideas. Now, it has sadly devolved into a center for violent confrontations.

Bernie Sanders speaks to potential voters in Riverside

A line stretched several blocks around the Riverside Municipal Auditorium filled with Bernie Sanders supporters and undecided voters in efforts to have the chance to see the Democratic presidential hopeful speak May 24.

Clinton holds rally in Riverside

Hillary Clinton courted potential voters at UC Riverside on May 24 where she was met by a crowd of nearly 2,000 people that were in attendance to both support and protest Clinton’s message.

Bias seeps in superdelegates

Democratic National Committee marks Clinton for the win, Sanders supporters outraged Written by David Roman It’s strange to think that a committee named for the Democratic processes that entitles every citizen to have a vote, a voice for how things are decided is so keen on doing the exact opposite to its members. But that’s

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