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How much does Obama care?

MARK ANTHONY HOWARD | OPINIONS EDITOR I don’t know how much President Obama really cares about my health individually, but the Obamacare bill makes a convincing argument that he is at least concerned about the overall welfare of the American People. Beginning on Oct 1, individuals and families will be able to compare their options by

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Remembering the Sept. 11 tragedy 12 years later

Mark Howard | Opinions Editor And then they began to Jump! I will never forget the images on my 27-inch Zenith television screen as I watched American people spear from the sky tops of New York City buildings. The horrific tragedy of September 11th 2001 taught me the true sentiments of what being an American

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Nosey People Suck (N.S.A.)

Mark Anthony Howard | Opinions Editor Nosey people suck, and they are everywhere. How uncomfortable would you be if some weirdo in the digital library kept looking around his cubicle every time you logged on your email, Facebook or social site? It sucks but some people don’t respect others privacy and really don’t know how to mind their own business. It really sucks

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