Letter to the Editor

The article posted in VOL. XCV No.3 Page 6 titled Planned Parenthood Funding Comes Under Fire, is a clear and intentional attempt by the author Brooke Cary to manipulate information and deceive the readership of Viewpoints. Her anecdote derived and factless arguments underline an intentional misuse of partial quotations to serve and support a clearly right-wing view of what should be a non-partisan issue: women’s rights, and their bodies.

Gun laws with loopholes

How did Dylann Roof get the gun he used to kill nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina? He simply purchased it from a store in West Columbia after an FBI examiner conducting his background check failed to receive a police report of Roof illegally possessing drugs.

Although Chris Harper-Mercer, the man who shot and killed nine people at Umpqua Community College, acquired his guns legally through a federally licensed firearms dealer or family members, Harper-Mercer had mental health issues and shouldn’t have been able to purchase guns in the first place.

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