Food Review Video: Fried Frog Legs at the LA County Fair

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Members of the Riverside City College Viewpoints staff tried fried frog legs at the 2015 LA County Fair. Check out what they think of the fair’s unique treat.

Alexis’ Review

Fried frog legs aren’t my thing. My first bite into the tiny, overpriced fried amphibian limb wasn’t too bad, but the more I ate the more I realized that they tasted very similar to the smell of frogs. Which, to me, is not very appetizing. The taste was a perfect mixture of chicken and fish and although I am a fan of both, this meat did not appeal to me at all. I could see why someone who enjoys salty, veiny meat would enjoy this rare delicacy but I will stick to the classic chicken strip.

Laura’s Review

The fair is known for its exotic foods by many visitors, however not all are courageous enough to try a fried frog leg. I on the other hand love food and I am willing to try something new once. My first bite into the frog leg was a bit of a surprise since I had always been told “it tastes just like chicken”, instead I found the meat to be a mix of fish and chicken texture. There was also a lack of meat and the bones were unpleasant to say the least. The plate included a small portion of fries and two sets of frog legs, which nowhere near justified the price. Overall it took less than two minutes to eat the frog legs and two additional minutes to eat the fries and I consider myself to be a slow eater. The surrounding batter was salty yet with a mix of ketchup I enjoyed what was left of the meat. For those reasons I will not prefer fried frog legs over another food item nor would I eat fried frog legs again, unless I was in a situation where there was no other food to eat.

Alyssa’s Review

I have never had intentions in trying frog legs prior to attending the fair however, I wanted to be sure I didn’t like the taste before judging it. I definitely had to try my best not to think about the fact that I was going to be biting into a frog leg because I knew I would have backed out from trying it. Once I had bitten into the frog leg I wasn’t sure I liked the salty taste until I came to realized it tasted something like fish and chicken, which I found appetizing.To be completely honest the thought of biting into a frog leg still creeps me out but the delicious taste overpowers the doubtful thoughts. The only thing that I can say disappointed me was that the frog leg had too much bone and lacked meat. I would definitely try frog legs again and would recommend it for someone else to try.

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