Tips for the working student

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by Stephanie Llamas

Two days and 10 to 15 hours minimum is the amount of time a part-time student, full-time worker spends on campus. Many students feel as if taking on a part-time job will take away their undivided attention from their studies at school. It may seem overwhelming to take on employment while attending school, but it is possible.

Working students could be classified under two separate groups Sara Garcia a current Riverside City College student freshmen implies “students who work” and “workers who study those that identify themselves as ‘students’ but seek employment to pay the bills and those who openly classify themselves as full-time workers but also take some college courses. “My reason for employment while I study is to cover the fees of my school books and personal expenses and as much possible financial support to my family,” said Garcia.

A U.S. Census report noted that 71 percent of the nation’s 19.7 million college undergraduates were employed in 2011. Of that number, one in five undergraduates were working at least 35 hours a week year-round. Claiming full-time workers may weaken their student academic performance. Example being 55 percent of students working 30 or more hours per week may result in negative outcome towards their studies. “Employment liabilities limit full-time workers like myself to get creative with our class schedules to avoid cutting hours” said Sandra Lopez, a Riverside City College sophomore.

Although students who are employed have a obligation to fulfill their academic responsibilities, school systems should also have a responsibility to offer aid to students who rely on part-time or full-time jobs to help cover their academic expenses. The Riverside City College Student Employment Program helps promote student learning by locating on-campus and off-campus work sites. Riverside City College District  gives the opportunity of work study, which is employment while studying on campus. RCC Student employment program require at least half time enrollment for either fall or spring term, a minimum of six units. Must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and are able to work up to twenty hours per week.

The Riverside City College Student Employment Program gives a helping hand to every student associated with RCCD by dedicating their services to provide students with meaningful work experience aimed at enhancing college and career goals, while providing financial support. “Working on campus is a great way to connect with your campus and make you feel a part of something,” RCC Student lunchroom cashier who wishes to remain anonymous. Working gives us students a chance to meet people and make new friends, she notes.

Before anticipating employment do research and note out the pros and cons. If already employed some tips to successfully manage employment while in college is to pace yourself and start off slow, allow yourself to get use to taking on responsibilities outside of academics.

Stay organized and on top of school assignments to avoid decrease of sleep and stress levels rising to an unbearable limits. Allow a planner to become a best friend and fill it with work schedule hours and upcoming deadlines.

A major point all student workers should keep in mind, is mastering the skill to evenly balance out their academics and work ethic. Managing time wisely and investing the same amount into both an individuals work and studies. A students college years are much more than studying and lounging around campus, the time spent in college should also be time for learning independence of character and life lessons that will benefit the rest of a students life.

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