The naked truth

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Oversexualized with modest criticism

Marissa Bostick | Online Editor

We live in a world that condemns the flesh of the nontraditionally beautiful. Scantily clad woman grace the covers of magazines on a daily basis and
yet when we see the smallest bit of areola elsewhere it’s a national emergency.

Someone somewhere at this very moment is being exploited in some way, shape or form and yet all America seems to care about is a nip slip or a bit of peek-a-boo vagina at an award show.

How did we become so hypersensitive to nudity and the over-sexualization of woman in the media yet in the same instance learn to scoff at embracing our own sexiness?

Society’s dual minded attitude towards nudity is astonishing.

So what if Susie down the block has a bit more cleavage than you feel comfortable seeing, it doesn’t make it right to condemn her for being comfortable in the skin she’s in.

It makes you wonder if people are so ashamed of their own bodies that they feel the need to force others to feel just as bad or worse about themselves.

Why is nudity such a faux pas?

Perhaps I should answer my own question: sex sells.

The majority of ads are based on beautiful people selling luxurious things in the gaudiest or most provocative way possible.

Every year millions of people tune in to watch the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Woman in various colorsproudly parade down a runway in themed bras and panties with no one bating a discerning eye toward the models, in fact they applaud them.

Maybe the fashion show isn’t entirely fussed about, other than by jealous woman who wished they looked like the Victoria Secret angels, due to fashion being a form of art.

Why is it such a crass thing for the average person to be naked?

Has society’s idea about nudity really changed so much that it isn’t acceptable to don the flesh you’re in unless you’re considered a vision of beauty?

We spend more of our time fussing about some young starlets side boob exposure than on events that really matter.

If people are going to rally behind something that’s common sense let it be texting and driving instead of slut shaming and celebrities.

I don’t know about everybody else but seeing Janet Jackson’s nipple during the Super Bowl did not alter the way I turned out at all.

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