Day: November 15, 2013

Fire: this is not a drill

A fire breaks out on Halloween on RCC campus by theater studio in maintenance below Tech B Building. CAMPUS FIRE: Students were surprised as they exited their Thursday morning classes on Oct. 31. They walked into a smoke filled campus. A moderate sized fire started in the maintenance room below the Tech B building and was promptly handled

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News Briefs: 11/14/13

Correction: vision plan In the Oct. 31 briefs the vision plan is said to have no changes to contract, but it has come to light by the Benefit Committee that changes were made to the contract and kept undisclosed to the benefit committee. The committee head is angered by the secrecy and the change and is working to restore

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Students hope for honors

  Students submit their best work to impress at conference. David Roman | Staff Writer Assuming community college is all about partying and students with a laissez-faire attitude towards their education is commonplace. When one actually takes the time to see the work honors students at Riverside City College are putting in towards their futures, the notion could not be further from the truth.

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