Day: November 4, 2013

Tigers ready to run for title

VICTORIA RANDALL |STAFF WRITER With the bulk of the season over, both the men and women’s cross country teams at Riverside City College have championships races to look forward too. The next three races are crucial for both teams. The Orange Empire Conference Finals will be held on Nov. 1 at Irvine Park. After the

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J.B. on the ball: Fantastic Freshman

John Braxton | Staff Writer Ice water running through the veins of the 19-year-old has proven to be more than enough. College football is very exciting; from week to week you never know what can happen. These young men at these big time universities have a lot of pressure on them some players can handle

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Carrie Lives Again

JOSHUA LAKEY | STAFF WRITER It’s 1976, and Carrie White is awaiting high school hunk Tommy Ross to pick her up and accompany her to her high school senior prom. Except it’s not 1976 and Carrie White isn’t played by Sissy Spacek. It’s 2013 and Hollywood’s star on the rise Chloe G. Moretz along side

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