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Finals are finally approaching

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By Autumn Yi | Staff Writer

Finals – a period of time marked by energy drinks, no sleep, and rapid studying.

For many college students, the threat of finals is enough to make them do the kind of hard work in their classes they were neglecting all semester.

During the day, many students spend their hours studying in the library. The third floor of the Digital Library, the “quiet floor,” provides Riverside City College students with study rooms, large desks, power outlets, cushy chairs, and plenty of books.

From 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., students may take advantage of the Digital Library.

During the rest of the semester, this seems like plenty of time. But during finals week, things are a little different.

The library should be open for a couple more hours in the weeks before finals.

Adding a couple of library hours for a few weeks will help students who do not have a better study space.

Who doesn’t know how easy it is to be distracted at home? Mom is asking why chores aren’t done, siblings are running around, or the television is on.

The library is the perfect place for students to study. The upper floor is relatively distraction-free; it even has a room dedicated to complete silence.

Keeping the library open as long as possible should be a priority.

The library is a resource not exclusive to students in certain clubs or students who are taking certain classes.

It encourages academic achievement by providing the tools and environment students need to succeed.

Although it may be expensive to permanently increase the number of hours in the library, increasing the hours for a few weeks will not cause the same financial strain.

At the very least, the second floor – the floor with all the computers – could close at the normal time.

The school would not spend as much money on utilities, and the students who needed a computer during those last couple of hours could rent a laptop from the library.

The strain brought by finals week is fatiguing. No college wants its students to fail, and they should be doing their best to improve chances of student success.

Is the academic benefit of a couple weeks of increased library hours worth the notice of the RCC administrators?

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