Votes that create popularity

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By Dominique Smith / Asst. Opinions Editor

Every four years, we are flooded with campaign propaganda, fliers litter the streets as they conveniently slide off of car windshields, incessant emails bombard the American people and not to mention the cold calling for the democratic and republican voice automated messages asking for a small campaign contribution.

Yes, that’s right it’s election season, but have you ever wondered where your vote really goes?

The Electoral College was implemented by our founding fathers to ensure fair presidential elections.

It consists of 538 electoral votes, each candidate needs to win with a total number of 270 before they can call themselves president of the United States of America.

If you’re confused, here’s the explanation.

The Electoral College decides the presidential election, not popular vote.

Each state electoral vote is decided by the members of congress each state has, for instance, California has 55 electoral votes because it has 55 members in congress, the reason being it is a large state with many districts.

Some smaller states only get three to four electoral votes such as Hawaii, Alaska and Delaware.
Your vote does count for other things though, so do not be completely discouraged.

For instance, California has many propositions on this year’s ballot many of which can change the course of the state for its residents for years to come.

Also state officials and elects would greatly appreciate your consideration such as Mark Takano, who is running for congress, or Jose Medina who is running for California State assembly, both are residents of Riverside.

President Barrack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney are not going to tell you that their whole campaign strategies are really just for ego boost, they’re going to stress the importance of voting, and how much we all matter in the grand scheme of things.

That’s very true, but they are not really thinking that, they are thinking how many states they can afford to lose in the Electoral College, the real deciding factor of presidential elections.

So if you’re still trying to figure out who to vote for just remember your vote does count but only a little.

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