A life saving law

As long as there have been bullies, the phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” has been the phrase echoing in American kids’s mouths throughout history. 

Waging war on women’s health

The Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives and their first target is not to get rid of the massive national debt, fix the economy, create new jobs, or any of those apparently not so important issues.

RCC proposes own tuition fees

Students all over the country and the world are protesting against unfair budget cuts affecting higher education. For Riverside City College students, it is no different.

With $40 million in budget cuts at Riverside City College alone, RCC students can expect higher enrollment fees and smaller class sizes in the fall semester.

Dreams wanting to come true

On March 15 voices for the undocumented population gathered around the steps of Riverside City College’s Martin Luther King building in an effort to educate faculty and students about the AB540 measure and its appeal to the student population and communities of California.

RCC students help each other

With increasing tuition fees, students across the nation struggle to pay for the classes they need. Some students, however, may not even know when their next meal is coming. 

Punk veterans rise to occasion

Rise Against, an American punk rock band also known for living a straight edge life style, just released its new album, “EndGame,” and suffice to say this album shows how the band has evolved. Like many of Rise Against’s past albums, the lyrics tend to deal mainly with political issues, like Hurricane Katrina or the Gulf oil spill.

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