Month: December 2010

My Chemical Romance releases ‘Dangerous’ new album

The music scene is a wasteland of the socially acceptable. The same predictable four chords have been trashing our collective unconscious for far too long.

Then there’s a band called My Chemical Romance, whose career hit an all time high with the 2006 release “The Black Parade.”

Sure, to the casual listener they may sound like Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco. The same used to be true for their image.

In all likelihood this merry band of New Jersey rockers could have toned it down. But they turned it up. And so, with much relief, it can be honestly stated that “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” is nothing short of mainstream rock and roll genius.

The ‘Legacy’ of ‘Tron’

In 1982 Walt Disney Pictures released “Tron,” a small sci-fi action movie about software programmer Kevin Flynn, who became trapped in his own video game creation. It only made $33 million and wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award for visual effects, because the computer generated effects then were considered cheating.

However, despite its initial moderate success “Tron” became a cult classic that inspired a generation of filmmakers and was ultimately considered ahead of its time.

Now 28 years later, the company is revisiting its vivid creation with “Tron: Legacy,” the long anticipated sequel, scheduled for release Dec. 17.

Congress needs a timeout

Of all the things to be defending in congress right now, the extension of tax cuts for the upper monetary echelons should not be on the priority list.

Alas, it is, and is the focus of contention between the Republican and Democratic membersof Congress. The Grand Old Party (GOP) of Republicans are threatening to block all legislation unless the tax breaks passed by the Bush administration are extended.