Obama, the new Ryan Seacrest

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By Chad Arias / Editor’s Assistant

By Chad Arias / Editor’s Assistant

The public should be greatly concerned with the amount of free time the president has. Obama possesses what many would call the most influential job in the world. Being the leader of the free world must be a draining endeavor. With all of this on his plate, how is he finding time to make television appearances?    

Last week, Obama announced that he had guest starred on the Discovery Channel’s hit show “MythBusters.” This will be his third TV show appearance in a matter of months.

When Americans elect a president, they expect that he is busy in the White House making progress on the ideas that got him elected. To parade about from show to show is a colossal waste of tax payer time.

The people are paying Obama to do his job. He does not get paid to be an active member of the media. The less we see him will mean he is busy at work.

Obama seems to be reaching out to the youth hence being on MTV and now “MythBusters.” Both shows are directed at young people and one can only guess what the motive is behind these appearances.

The president realizes that the young people in this country are naive and believe everything they see on TV. If Obama says he’s working hard, then he must be doing it.

 That is a lie because if he was working hard then he wouldn’t have to say it every five seconds. Never before has America seen such a media hungry president.

Obama is like a Hollywood celebrity in the way that he feels the need to be seen or else he is forgotten. This way of thinking should be left to the actors who make a living of getting their face on the big screen.

Obama does not get paid for the amount of face time that he receives. He was elected to work, not to talk.

The public realizes how hard Obama has to work and how much time is involved.

When time spent creating new jobs is sacrificed for interviews then something is wrong.

This is a breach of contract with the American people, who elected him because he spoke of reform and change.

 The only problem is that once he was elected he kept right on preaching and not acting.

 Obama is trying to do what Franklin Roosevelt did 80 years ago. Every week, Roosevelt held radio broadcasts to make the public feel that he cared about their every need. With Obama’s health care reforms, and new taxes the American people feel that he has lost touch with them.

 In an effort to show the middle class he cares, Obama is using the “town hall” method. It worked for Roosevelt but that was 80 years ago.

Obama and his party cannot expect to be re-elected just because they heard our cries. If a person hears a child drowning then shouldn’t they take action and save them?

Obama is all talk right now. He is an excellent presenter and with a teleprompter he can do no wrong.

The point is that society is tired of these charades and we want action.

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and for what? He won it for “talking” about peace and for “talking” about social change.

Words and high hopes can’t be deposited in a bank account.

America needs jobs and new ideas that are obtainable. We need a president who can stay out of lime light and focus on the real issues that are required in his line of work.

People living off unemployment, down to their last checks, are tired of seeing a president on every channel.

The only comfort they can hope for is Obama being locked in a room with Congress and actually getting some new laws passed.


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