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By Chad Arias / Editor’s Assistant

By Chad Arias / Editor’s Assistant

The fact that Facebook is said to be a stolen idea should make its users wary of the information they post upon it.

According to the new film “The Social Network” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took the idea from his friend and colleagues who were busy at work.

Zuckerberg turned it into a race to see who could produce the idea the fastest and win the prize: a copyright.

This information has recently been brought to public attention by the new movie “The Social Network.”

In it Zuckerberg is portrayed in negative light, and has been exposed for cheating his best friend out of a billion dollar idea.

If Zuckerberg is willing to steal ideas from friends, then what is he willing to steal from you?

Facebook, like all social networking websites, is a place where people can share personal information with each other.

Yes, there are ways to make your profile blocked to other users, but there is no way of knowing if Zuckerberg can be blocked or not.

Could phone numbers or personal posts be sold to outside enterprises?

It is already being done with birthdays, e-mail addresses, and locations.

Online tycoons are getting rich off the oblivious public.

Zuckerberg has unleashed a beast that seeks to destroy the word “private,” as if it wasn’t dead already.

In Zuckerberg’s defense, he is not the first person to do this.

The Internet as a whole is so popular because any piece of information can be obtained from it. Google is a great tool for finding out anything desired.

Looking up a person’s name on Google will bring you a link to their Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s only crime is binding the two together so now everything online is “transparent.”

A name is only name, but when a biography, facts and pictures are brought into the situation, a name starts to take shape.

People have gotten excellent at judging each other on a few short lines of information created by the user.

Facebook is a place where you can be whatever you want to be.

Privacy has connotations of hiding something.

Everything that is uploaded to it should be done with the intent that anyone in the world may be able to access it.

It’s a simple fact that must be accepted in this new age of technology.

The spread of information is why the Internet was created.

Let’s not forget that privacy starts with the user.

It’s up to that person to make a judgment on whether or not it should be shared. Zuckerberg is not stalking all 500 million of his “friends.”

The only way he knows anything is if it has been posted by the user.

Facebook and the Internet are a use-at-your-own-risk item.

Fraudulent websites used to be easy to spot. Those ads that pop up yelling “click me, click me” are such.

Cyber criminals are working hard to keep up with the latest Internet fads.

Teenagers have become so accustomed to rapidly clicking buttons without reading the fine print.

Contracts on paper are easier to sort through while contracts on the Internet seem to be “a waste of time.”

It is hard enough to trust a person, let alone a heartless computer.

To this generation media has become a second God. Whatever the TV or computer says is law.

There is no questioning whether the information being spewed is true.

It seems as though everyone is numb to the fact that behind every computer is a person. A computer by itself is generally an innocent device.

Don’t forget that a crook in the flesh is the same as a crook behind a screen.

Facebook should not be singled out for the cause of this madness.

Times are changing and so is our civilization.

Remember when it was rude to ask someone’s age, or how much income they bring in?

These two examples are things of the past. On Facebook both have slots where they can be answered.

Let’s face it, we live in a society that pays big bucks for pictures of celebrities’ gossip.

Paparazzi have made a fortune off the public’s curiosity. Why does anyone care about how Tom Cruise’s baby looks?

Media hype has brainwashed everyone to think that this is entertainment. Hearing and seeing everyone’s dirty laundry is supposed to be fun.

Facebook is just another media tool that makes this form of entertainment accessible.

Morality is eroding right out from under society’s feet.

Knowledge was the center piece of every ancient civilization not information.

Information is simply words, while knowledge holds ideas and theories.

The Internet is used for information whether it’s twisted or not.

Outside of the cyber world minors are protected by various laws.

For instance you must be 18 to smoke, vote, and go to war.

On the Internet there is no protection for a young person who can ruin their life with one nude photo.

In the Imperial Valley School District, teachers were threatened by termination because of inappropriate photos on Facebook.

Any student could have looked at the teacher’s Facebook and saw how drunk they were that weekend.

The teacher has a right to be drunk, but the student has a right to browse whatever website they please.

Both are freedoms, but at what point do they intercede each other?

Once again, privacy and the Internet are polar opposites.

If both could dwell equally then the Internet would not be the powerhouse it is today.

Laws to protect privacy endanger a person’s freedom of expression.

In America you can do whatever you please, so long as you are willing to pay the consequences for it.

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