The messy, disorganized politics of the economy

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By Robert Johnston / Inscape Editor

By Robert Johnston / Inscape Editor

Please excuse the mess that real reform has become. 
If anyone really believes that we will get real health insurance reform that will work for us, banking regulations that matter, and local city and state reform that we can rely on, then they may have to think again.
We elect our leaders, and they are ignoring us. 
Sitting on their large thrones made of our backs and money, and telling us it’s for the good of the country.
No matter the stripe of Republican or Democrat, one can take a look at the way Congress reacts to the various bills going through the system, to see where their loyalties lie.
They dance to our dollars raining down on them, as they shake hands, kiss babies, and stab backs the moment we look away.
Unemployment is up over 10 percent, and Wall Street is throwing money around like they own us. 
They would like to think so.
It is extremely hard to find a job, and students at colleges across America, hoping to use this opportunity to better themselves, are feeling the crunch and can’t afford to stay in school. 
When they graduate, will the job market be there for them?
Why is it, that these banks can get billions to bail them out, and we still see college programs being cut, and funding disappearing?
Our elected officials, are supposed to answer to us, their constituents, not the big money power-brokers. Senator Joe Lieberman is refusing to support the bill because of the public option in any form. Republicans are the party of “no.”
Is that what we are, or are we simply a food source for the vampires to live off of to suit their own agenda of accumulating more money, and hammering the less fortunate?
 Take a pick, chances are, it’s close to the truth.
This spiral kneck-wringing has choked everything from the top down. Do we really have people in Washington that represent us, and will there be a future worth going to school to be a part of? Do colleges really want us there, or can we just place a 20-spot on our empty seat to make them happy?
Unemployed in this recession, and thinking of going back to school on unemployment?

Check with the Employment Development Department  first, to see if they will allow it.

Don’t just sign up, and fill out the unemployment paperwork afterwards. 
Prepare for a wait of three weeks to one month before they even respond.
Who is in charge of this? 
Who watches the state, in the Unemployment Development Department? 
Such bureaucracy ruins peoples lives.
As admirable as Barack Obama’s election was, his election was meant as a game-changer, a mandate because we could no longer trust the fat-cats at the State level and in Washington.
Is America the land of opportunity? Really? 
Or is that just the name of the place in where we kick off our shoes, and download our minds? 
Are we that blind, that we can just allow those who care nothing about us, to run our lives?
There is a quote from Edmund Burke that says “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
If the “robust” public option fails to pass because of Joe Leiberman, the Republicans, and the scared Democrats called “Blue Dogs,” will Michael Moore really go after them? 
Lets hope so. Let Moore’s army grow. Where is the sign up sheet?
One could argue that a new member of Congress needs ample time to learn the job, to affect legislation in a meaningful way, but it is this writers opinion, that elected officials with a mandate, should enact the change we want them to do.
What if we could get a national special election on this Health Care reform bill? 
What if instead of our partisan leaders playing their games, that we just vote on it?
We need real leaders in charge, ones not afraid to fight for what’s best for the people. 
Real leaders to stand up to fight for our futures, not our wallets.
After all of this, will we be able to tell our children one day, that we actually made a difference? 
We must keep fighting for our future, leaders are born everyday, with the ability to remain human in the face of power, to stand up and highlight corruption wherever it may lie. 
They will be the next warriors on the front lines of democracy in the future.
We all grow old, we all die, but that doesn’t matter so much, as long as we leave behind something important.
Speak up, and make them listen.

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