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Apocalypse now: 2012 edition

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By Alexandra Tanner / Staff Writer

Deep Impact (Sony Pictures)

By Alexandra Tanner / Staff Writer

The Mayan calendar is not an apocalyptic count down.

The year 2012 is the assumed year of the unlikely demise of the entire Earth. 
Honestly this whole 2012 situation is just a scare. A blatant attempt at getting enough fuel for a fire that should’ve never been sparked. Sadly enough, this fearful fire is still spreading, with the release of the movie “2012” and other false theories infecting the internet. 
Some sites simply talk about the Mayan calendar ending Dec. 21, 2012 and others lead into the date by describing the “Planet X” crashing into Earth and knocking it off its axis.
Is this really what the Mayans had intended for the world to fear because of their calendar? Probably not.
The Mayan calendar was merely a means that the ancient culture kept as their way of keeping track of astrological activity and dates as accurately as they could with the knowledge they had.
Everyone’s fear isn’t completely justified. People of various states in the U.S. have been emailing NASA scientists exclaiming that they have to know if the world is coming to an end or not. Some have threatened to kill themselves. Others are just locking themselves in their basements, stocking up on supplies like food or water or anything else they think will sustain them through the disaster. 
Because of these extremes, scientists and historians alike are having to step in and try to reduce the fear of the inevitably enclosing date. 
One of the main fears expressed by people, is about the date Dec. 12, 2012. On this date, Earth is in fact going to be in the center of our Milky Way galaxy causing a disrupting energy in the galaxy which hasn’t happened for over 26,000 years. When the Earth reaches this position it is assumed the Planet X, a giant comet also called Nibiru will crash into the Earth causing the Earth to leave its set axis in the universe. Fortunately, there is no known fact in the entire world of science proving anything this catastrophic will take place on that day.
There is some evidence that Planet X exists but there is no reason it will collide with our Earth’s surface. 
 “We have no record or knowledge that they would think the world would come to an end at that point.” states Maya archaeoastronomer Susan Milbrath, for USA Today, from the Florida Museum of Natural History. 
Milbrath is referring to the general knowledge of current scientists and archaeologists describing the extends of Mayan intelligence at the time of their existence.
 Instead of seeking the facts for themselves, the productiveness of the media is grabbing hold of this fear and dangling it in front of the eyes of a fairly lost world begging for security. But they’re begging from the wrong hands. 
The knowledge that scientists have brought up because of the urgency of the subject is that the Mayan culture didn’t predict the end of anything, specifically our planet, with their calendar.  
The way we should see it is that the ancient civilization just, figuratively, ran out of paper.
In reality their calendar just ended its cycle and was predicted to enter a new one. 
The Mayans didn’t document anything about a dooms day but rather, because of their religious beliefs that the calendar was based on, they did think the world would enter a new age of “enlightenment.”
Enlightenment sounds a bit more optimistic than apocalypse doesn’t it?
Even people of current religious backgrounds can support the fact that the Bible never gives an exact year for the Earth’s end but that there will be plenty of solid warning, not a giant movie release to foreshadow the event. 
This is a giant hoax that will pass and we’ll all still be alive. By 2012 we’ll all still be walking on solid ground and the Earth will still be simply spinning on its axis.
The efforts to make the year 2012 such grand spectacle is so that the movie and other companies can profit off  the fears of a large group of people. 
These groups will pay more attention to the media’s point of view rather than get curious about what scientists and other professionals have to say. 
The only solution is to know real from fake, enlighten yourself and remember that special affects can do wonders on the mind.


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