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Shame on you Cartoon Network

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By John Mendoza / Illustrator

(John M. Mendoza / Illustrator)

By John Mendoza / Illustrator

In late March, in an article on TV.com it was announced that Cartoon Network will ditch the strictly Cartoon portion of its name, but will stick with the Network part of the name. The channel will launch 19 new projects in the coming television season, however, some of the programs are live-action and some are animated.

Stuart Snyder, the president of Cartoon Network, says that the newly named “The Network” will no longer show basic animated programs, it’ll show more live-action and reality shows. Most of these shows are ripped off versions of different shows from different channels like the kid version of “Ghost Hunters.”

Many are angered by this news and made negative comments on TV.com. Former Cartoon Network fans who were born in the 80s and 90s said that CN Real, the channel’s newest block to replace the late Toonami, killed Cartoon Network.

Many fans of all ages said that Snyder is a dimwit who hates both American and Japanese cartoons. He planned the Boston Bomb Scare and then put awful cartoons from here and Canada like “6 Teen,” “Total Drama Island” and “Johnny Test.” Now Boomerang will be the only true “cartoon network.”

The whole thing with Cartoon Network changing the name and the ways of the channel is ridiculous and viewers five and up will be upset when their favorite shows are gone in the middle of this year.

The strange thing is they don’t tell us why they’re doing this? Cartoon Network, why are you doing this? Is there a reason you’re canceling cartoons on the Cartoon Network?

This may not concern all of you that that are reading this but, all of you have to care. In the future your kids will be bored when they watch The Network, but the only thing they can watch is a “Tokusatsu” and anime channel that shows 70s Japanese superhero and robot shows.

Cartoon Network, you will lose a huge portion of your fanbase and when you lose fanbase, you lose viewers, and when you lose viewers, you lose money.

The shows that you show are “Chowder,” “Flippin Flapjack,” Canadian cartoons and live-action. No one watches your shows, shame on you Cartoon Network. And you too Stuart Snyder.

Cartoon Network used to be a great friend, but now it’s nothing but a traitor. We need the old ways and the slogan back. The network could be thinking about the fans and viewers, not the money.

Cartoon Network you’re a bunch a cartoon destroyers.

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