Critical thinking eludes us all

Although it hasn’t been scientifically proven, math warps fragile minds. It’s an empirical subject; one either has the right or the wrong answer. As a certain math instructor here at Riverside City College summed up, students should think about math not memorize it.

A generation in debt

Everyday after school you run home and wait with bated breath for the mail to come. Each day the waiting is harder and harder. Your anxiety level spikes to feverish heights, when finally it arrives, your college acceptance letter. You did it; you got in to your top choice.

MLB first to test economic waters

With a slumping economy affecting us, no one is immune from budgeting. Even the sports world is not immune. Since the economy went south after other professional sports had already secured television revenue and season ticket deposits, Major League Baseball is going to be the first U.

Spring movie preview

Observe and Report Tell me if you’ve heard this plot before: Mall cop falls in love with a girl who works there. Then he must save the day when crazy hijinks occur. If you thought “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” then you are wrong! Well, technically, you’re right, but this time it’s Seth Rogen’s turn to play a mall cop.

College degree: neccesary evil or total scam?

If you’re a student going to college, it’s probably because your parents told you that in order to succeed in life, you needed an education. Of course, it probably wasn’t just your parents; it was probably all of your teachers up through high school, too.

College: The expense to keep

The affordability of college in the United States is deteriorating. Students enrolled in universities, state and city colleges are being lost in the whirlwind of today’s economical setbacks. They are forced to absorb the unfortunate reality that the recession is putting an indeterminable hold on their education.

Military budget raises serious concerns

The price for patriotism is more than what Americans can realistically afford. Americans, in general, feel that they are better than most other people in the world. Therefore, they feel that they are entitled to earn, spend and consume more than the rest of the world as well.

Controversy in smoking section

Surgeon General’s warning: Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and may complicate pregnancy. This information is a warning printed on every pack of cigarettes, but where do we draw the line between the rights of few and the opinion of others? According to the RCC Course Catalog, “Smoking of any form of tobacco or non-tobacco products is prohibited on District grounds, in all District vehicles, at any activity or athletic event and on all property owned, leased, or rented by or from the District, unless a tobacco use area has been designated.

Large Scale Layoffs hit RCC

Due to the economic situation, Riverside City College was forced to make difficult decisions and sacrifices due to its budget. The Federal Work Study program has taken an especially hard hit. Students are no longer allowed to work under Federal Work Study for the remainder of 2009.

A voice with no vote

The Student Trustee is responsible for representing the student voice on the Board of Trustees, so choosing the right candidate is a vital decision not to be taken lightly. On April 1-2 Riverside City College students were given the opportunity to vote for the candidate they feel is most qualified for the position, or simply came out and voted to receive a complimentary slice of pizza.

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