Day: November 19, 2008

Clingin’ to rock, climbin’ for health

Fingertips are clenched white while clutching a boulder, straining to heft one’s body weight up to another foothold on the rock face. The crisp October air rushes over the nape of your neck, tingling along each bead of sweat. Prickly silhouettes of Joshua trees line a horizon cast in oranges and pinks, the melding colors sewn together with tinges of purple and set above the adjacent cliff’s luminescent shades of deep gold, each color heightened and savored all the more by the exhilaration of the moment.

‘Fallout 3’

Imagine that a nuclear war between America and China had left the world a radiated pile of debris, and the only survivors were people who escaped into special Vault-Tec underground bunkers. Now imagine that you are born inside Vault 101, located in the ravaged remains of Washington D.

The music ends in ‘Senior Year’

The Disney Channel strikes again with triple the smiles, triple the dances and triple the songs. The characters that hold the keys to everyone’s heart, young and old are back in “High School Musical 3: Senior Year.” “High School Musical” first made its appearance in 2006 on the Disney Channel, making its way into every child’s dream and imagination.

Escape into the world of Dark Horse

“Criminal Macabre: My Demon Baby” Desiree Perez It’s a twisted world when criminals and zombies work together to fight vampires and rescue the devil’s spawn – throw in some baby talk and it’s down right despicable. But that’s the life of Cal McDonald. “Black Lagoon” Adrian Pascua Somewhere in the South China Sea, where the eyes of justice are blind, there’s a company who’ll do any job for the right price. “Black Lagoon” takes place where anything can be bought and sold, even lives. “Star Wars: Early Victories” Stephanie Holland Have you ever watched the end of “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” and wondered what happens after the Death Star explodes? If so, then Dark Horse’s latest “Star Wars” graphic novel “Early Victories” is right up your alley.

Homecoming 2008

Tigers football attempt to turn season around after losing three straight Southern California Central Division games Homecoming marks the opportunity for a college to create a stronger sense of pride in students. Other than the elusive State Championship Game, it is seen by the team as the most important game of any season.

Tigers beat Dons in five set showdown

Riverside City College women’s volleyball team carried the Tiger spring in their step during the Oct. 29 game against the Santa Ana Dons. The final score for the Tigers was 25-15 RCC appeared to successfully defy gravity at times during their effort to claim three of the five games played at the RCC Huntley Gymnasium, while offering the Dons at least one lead during the competition.