Month: November 2008

Westboro bails

Westboro Baptist Church based out of Kansas, had publicized its intent to protest the Performance Riverside production of “The Laramie Project,” which opened on the night of Nov. 20. As word spread throughout the community, many people organized to form a counter-protest.

Bringing the past back home

“Be sure of your target before you shoot. Ineffective firing will reveal your position and draw enemy fire. Do not fire too long from the same position. Move frequently so the enemy will not be able to attain accurate aim.” Not too often do we see such words in a cartoon designed to save American soldiers’ lives, but at the Camp Anza exhibit showcased at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, the cartoon with this script is just one of many relics saluting the sacrifices of American heroes from World War II that hail from right here in Riverside.

Sharp shootin’ good time

Performance Riverside has done it again. Yet another quality production of an all-American classic was brought to the Landis stage. The theatrical achievement of “Annie Get Your Gun,” premiered Nov. 7 in the Landis Performing Arts Center. Aside from being well- performed locally, it has the history of being a Broadway classic.