Month: June 2008

The natural side of Riverside

If you are looking for a cool place to get away from it all, but are too busy to drive out of town, then maybe you should check out the Santa Ana River Trail. Within one mile of campus is an urban wilderness where one can walk, run and ride. The trail provides an ever changing back drop for exercise or study.

Guitar Hero 4 preview

As the dust is still settling from Neversoft’s most recent smash title, they burst from the clouds swinging with news of Guitar Hero World Tour. Available the for Playstation 2 and 3, Xbox 360, pc, Nintendo Wii and DS. This go about however, is making sure you bring the band with you, as the already legendary guitar is joined by the bass, drums, and mic to let four players raise their goblets of rock to the heavens above.

Community gives back to students

No good deed goes unnoticed and Riverside City College can help anyone who wishes to partake in charity. RCCD Foundation Director Amy Cardullo asserted how anyone can be a donor. “Anybody can give,” she said. “Some of the donors are families, philanthropic groups in the community, individuals, faculty, or businesses.

Summer movie preview

With temperatures rising and the kids out of school, it must be summer time. For movie studios, summer is when they break out their most high profile blockbusters. This summer is no exception as theaters will be full of superheroes, television adaptations and animated comedies for the whole family.

Shaheed Sabrin elected as incoming ASRCC Vice President

The results are in, and Associated Students vice president for Riverside City College is 18-year-old Shaheed Sabrin. Tents were stationed throughout campus last week by student government, which gave students the opportunity to vote on the nominations. Sabrin was the only student who ran for vice president, and although he had no opponents, he still had to receive fifty percent of the votes to win.