For the past two years, Riverside Community College District has been in the process of searching for a permanent chancellor. Many applied for the position, but the Board of Trustees had narrowed it down to two candidates. The two candidates were Raul Rodriguez, superintendent/president of San Joaquin Delta Community College, and Troy Justesen, U.

Equal opportunities for third party candidates

If one was to turn to CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, or any of the other major cable news channels at any time of the day he or she would most likely be bombarded with coverage of the epic battle of Barack Obama vs. Hilary Clinton vs. John McCain. The news coverage of the presidential election is an exciting one, but it only partially represents true U.

Downey strikes while the ‘Iron’ is hot

Its official, Tony Stark is the ultimate womanizing superhero of all time. Bruce Wayne has nothing on him. “Iron Man” is the latest superhero to come off the pages of comics and get the one hundred and forty million dollar treatment. However, unlike previous movies that are based on other “Marvel” properties like “Spiderman,” “Daredevil,” and “X-MEN,” this movie is the first film to be released under the “Marvel Studios” banner.

Trip-hop may be dead, Portishead is not

The sound of Portishead conjures up old spy films, dark alleyways and the foreboding sense that something dark and beautiful has come to get you. Not to mention the band has a certain mystery to its look. It’s been years since Beth Gibbons soberly crooned that nobody loved her on 1994’s “Dummy.

The geeks shall inherit the earth

North Korea has wiped out southern California with nuclear weapons. You are among the few survivors that escaped the radiation and destruction and fled into the wilderness. How long would you expect to survive? Would your ability to make fast food or hand back change add to your chances of survival? Would being the best gamer in the state or the top poet at your school increase your odds at foraging for food or hunting? In Peter Bagge’s graphic novel titled “Apocalypse Nerd,” we follow the life of a software engineer named Perry.

‘He’s a demon on wheels’

Traveling through the half animated, live action world of “Speed Racer,” this 1960s era cartoon inspired movie has been put in third place in box office. The action-filled movie attracted children of all ages as well as the parents that brought them. Released by Warner Bros.

Oishii is on a roll to perfection

With its inviting atmosphere and menu full of variety, Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki offers patrons an exotic dining experience. Oishii, located on Magnolia Avenue in the Ralph’s shopping center, features a menu that provides guests with a wealth of choices.

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