Day: May 15, 2008

CTA announces union elections

Union Elections were held on April 30 to elect officers for the Riverside Community College District’s California Teachers Association. The results displayed a change in the presidency and other positions looking to take on a new focus. The position of president which has been held by Karin Skiba, associate professor of art for the past couple of years, was filled by former Treasurer Dariush Haghighat, associate professor of political science.

“Invisible Children” leaves no child unseen

On April 28, the Invisible Children non-profit organization set foot on Riverside City College to open the eyes of students and raise funds for the “Invisible” children of northern Uganda, Africa by way of baked goods. In order to create awareness, the organization held screenings of the Invisible Children documentary, an educational film that captures the journey of a group of American students to northern Uganda during the spring of 2003.

Learning outside of the classroom

Students often dream of traveling the world, never realizing how close that dream actually is. It’s a program that is a rarity among community colleges: the Study Abroad Program at Riverside City College. “Study Abroad has been at RCC for nearly 20 years,” Jan Schall, coordinator for Study Abroad said.

First place just became fun again

Speeding your kart down the road in first place, you start power sliding onto the last turn of the course. The finish line is finally within your view. Suddenly you’re hit by a red turtle shell sending you spinning out of control. Catching Mario out of the corner of your eye, glancing back at you, he turbo boosts out of the turn and across the finish line taking first place.

Two teams enter, one team wins

This year promises to be a great year for the NBA playoffs. In the Western Conference, the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers continued their hot streak into the playoffs, sweeping the Denver Nuggets 4-0. For the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Derreck Fisher all averaged at least 11 points in the series.