Candidates take the mic

A forum was held on April 1 to introduce candidates running for Student Trustee. The forum was commenced by Chief Justice Alexandra Ray, who gave a brief introduction of the event and a short bio of each candidate. They were then given the opportunity to answer not only pre-selected questions, but also the questions of attending students.

Extreme makeover: RCC

For the next 15 to 20 years Riverside City College will undergo extensive renovations. The majority of the campus, except for the recent upgrades, will either be newly constructed or renovated. Plans for the following years will have the college under zone construction for certain locations and will be blocked off during construction of the buildings.

R-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to the trustee

It’s hard to understand why students should care about the student trustee election, when the candidates themselves aren’t even paying attention to the race. The student trustee is the only student to sit on the Board of Trustees. And, even though the student trustee doesn’t get a vote, he or she is the only avenue for student input in the Board’s decisions.

Vaginas of the world unite

A large vagina smiles at the groups of people making their way into the lobby of the Digital Library Auditorium. Irene Hernandez stands by with a Polaroid camera, offering to take a picture of these audience members and the large smiling vagina. Some smile and refuse, but many nod their heads, and cuddle up close to the friendly vagina.

Pocket full of change, stomach full of nothing

It’s lunchtime and your wallet is practically empty, what do you do? Well if you’re a Riverside City College student with a little time between classes you may want to skip the astronomical prices in RCC’s cafeteria and head off campus. Being in the heart of downtown Riverside provides students with a plethora of choices for a cheap lunch.

‘Love U’ not ready to graduate

There are times when a trip to the theater is an uplifting and exciting experience. Sadly the University of Redlands’s April 5 production of “Love U” did not provide such an experience. Produced in partnership with Riverside City College’s department of performing arts and the Riverside school for the arts, “Love U” is the story of a stuffy academic who falls in love with a wild performance artist.

Oh, Canada! RCC’s Jamaal Scott headed for the border

Riverside City College’s No. 1 running back Jamaal Scott has always been doubted ever since his teenage years. As a result, he always played like he has something to prove. The chip on his shoulder resulted in a 731 yard, 6 touchdown season this past year for the Tigers, despite missing two games with a foot injury.

Tigers show racing stripes

The Tigers were feeling the spirit of racing on March 28. The runners are all in a state conference. Long jumper Kevin Rodgers has become first in state, leaping 24 feet 10 inches. “It’s a great season,” Rodgers said. “I couldn’t expect anything better.” Kevin has been running since the eighth grade, so he understands the process of practice.

The path to the NFL Draft

The April 21-22 draft is fast approaching, the day many college players have been waiting their whole lives for, the day when their lives will change for ever. In the era of guaranteed contracts, a player drafted in the first of the drafts seven rounds will make millions of dollars before even stepping on the field.

Opportunity knocks at Career and Transfer Center

Riverside City College’s Career and Transfer Center helps students get the job done. According to a California State University, Sacramento study just one in four Californian community college students finishes with a degree, and the students that do earn degrees spend on average more than two years at community college.

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