Tennis looks to a successful season

If anyone is looking for inspiration, they should talk to Riverside City College freshman Ashley Tebeau. “Just stay focused. [Tennis] is a great sport and it’s really not about if you win or lose, but knowing that you played your best” said Tebeau. This short but inspiring statement came from RCC’s only undefeated tennis player.

RCC track team sprints for the gold

The Tigers had a strong showing from both the men and women’s track teams as they ran through the competition in a meet held on Feb. 29 at Riverside City College. From the field events to the sprinters and long distance runners, Riverside track and field dominated both Golden West and Saddleback, getting first, second, and third in most of the dual meet’s events.

Finding a place to crash

The amount of homeless in Riverside has reached a staggering number. With this nearly epidemic problem comes a solution from the city. Although it only scratches the surface of the homeless problem, it is the first of many steps towards redeeming our social dilemmas.

RCC highlights clubs available to new students

Club Rush is held every year to recruit, or at least to educate students about the wide variety of clubs that are offered at Riverside City College. These clubs are considered extra curricular, and stand independent of unit driven courses. Students already participating in these clubs have chosen to do so with the intent on having that “something extra” on their resume.

Former RCC student ‘stapled’ into Web-based business

The Web site has been up for about a month and already hundreds of reviews have been posted. Joseph Raffiee and Daniel Stanton, creators of, are very proud of the Web site, which helps students rate their current or past jobs so that others can see if that career will fit them.

Building bridges to the Capitol

Amongst the pillars of marble and polished stone of storied monuments, the houses of legislative, executive, and judicial, stood Juan Carlos Lucio. He visited the Nation’s Capital last January not as a tourist but as an ambassador. Armed with his charismatic smile, subject expertise and months of proven research he stood in front of academics, scientists, and politicians, and delivered a presentation about his research.

Students take a hike

“Hiking and backpacking, this is what college is all about,” says instructor Duff Wiley while going over his syllabus with his new class. Riverside City College has offered a hiking and backpacking class for about thirty years, though most students don’t know about it.

Just in time for a new semester

The official opening of the A.G. Paul Quadrangle will mark the revelation that had the faculty and students here at Riverside Community College, waiting patiently. The new clock tower that was in the original plans when the Quad was constructed, but never completed because of the lack of funds, is now complete.

Blackboard system slowdown

Trying to log on to Open Campus this spring was a nightmare for students and faculty when the Blackboard system that replaced Web/CT was unable to accommodate the large amount of users at the same time. The Blackboard system that replaced Web/Ct was purchased more than a year ago according to Glen Brady, director of Open Campus for Riverside Community College District.

RCC brings classic cartoon music to life

With some stories, you must start at the end and work your way back to the beginning. With others, you’re just glad the story is over. On March 2, Riverside City College became host to The Onstage Cabaret Orchestra, with guest star vocalists Debbie Prustman, Larry Lazzaro, and John Bisom.

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