Day: February 19, 2008

Banned for obesity

It sucks when people tell you that you smell. It’s even worse when they ban you from taking the bus because of it. New Zealand teenager Eruera Simmonds was banned from taking the bus because of complaints about the way he smelled. The obese teen, who weighed 147 kilograms (almost 300 pounds), was devastated because he was unable to go to school.

Tigers continue hot streak

What a difference a day makes. Just one day after narrowly escaping the Central Arizona College Vaqueros on an unearned run, the Tigers found their bats to win the second game of the series 9-7. Starting catcher Michael Neff, who had a key two run double in the bottom of the third, admitted that after the first game’s poor performance, the team wanted to score early and often.

Obama draws the volunteers

Super Tuesday Feb. 5 has come and gone and while the Republicans have John McCain (R-Arizona) as their front runner the Democratic Party still cannot determine who will be theirs. Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama have been in what many have called a tight race that will make history if either one is chosen as president.