Men’s soccer hosts first-round playoff match

In a poetic ending, the Riverside City College men’s soccer team finished the season how it began, riding a five-game win streak. The Tigers opened the season with five straight victories, outscoring opponents 14-3. They then continued to rout opponents as they improved to 10-2 in the overall standings including four shutouts and a 9-1 annihilation of Cypress College.

Kicking up the swing

Lindy Hop, Jitterbug or boogie-woogie your way down to Coffee Depot in Riverside for swing dance night. Monday nights at 7 p.m. students, as well as others, come to the coffee shop to learn and practice this vintage-era form of dance.

No vacancies at Cal State

With all the brilliant minds working in California politics, one would think that they would be on top of the finances. One of the many solutions offered to cut back state spending is for the California State Universities to remove 10,000 openings reserved for incoming freshmen.

Environmental society spreads local awareness

Southern California is facing some very difficult environmental issues. Such problems include potential water shortages, increased wildfire threats as a result of global warming and the ongoing problem of local air quality. Riverside City College is an ideal setting for organizing and researching realistic ways to meet our growing human needs while easing the strain on our local environment.

Cafeteria construction experiences more delays

Riverside City College students and staff are again asked to wait for the Bradshaw cafeteria’s grand re-opening. Though last issue Viewpoints was informed that all was going according to schedule and the cafeteria was still planned to open on Nov. 24, the date has again been pushed back.

Riverside unites against hate

With a community as diverse as Riverside, it’s expected that people won’t always see eye to eye. However, on the night of Nov. 20, community members set aside differences in race, creed and sexual orientation to rally against hate and discrimination.

A tale of two heroes

When future generations write the history books on the movies of 2008, they will call it the battle of the superheroes. Anyway you phrase it, “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man” were far and away the best two films of the year.

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