Welcome to the big leagues

Some college athletes get treated poorly and it is completely fair. Recently there has been a lot of debate on how college athletes should be treated by the media after the head coach of the football program at Oklahoma State, Mike Gundy, went on a tirade during a press conference.

Phoenix owns ‘the Night’

At first glance, this movie appears to be yet another cookie cutter crime drama where the police fight against gangsters to take back control of the streets. Well, it is. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see the complex character relationships that really make this movie worth seeing.

Open mic night at The Coffee Depot

Music is an intricate pattern of notes orchestrated in such a way you can simultaneously experience every emotion unique to the human mind. To do so requires a vast understanding of the human psyche as well as the determination and talent to develop the music itself.

Reviving indie music through the ‘shock’ treatment

Long live independent music. In particular, long live the lo-fi indie rock. Long live it’s pretension, cramped shows, half-understood lyrics, and it’s ability to bring people together. Beauty pageant talk aside, Shocking Pinks self-titled debut album is as interesting as what the name references ( John Hughes 80s cult classic “Pretty In Pink”).

Radiohead ditches record label, profits ditch Radiohead

There’s not a single dull track on the album. And that’s a rarity for most music artist today. Radiohead’s seventh studio album, “In Rainbows” is possibly their strongest record since “OK Computer.” The album became controversial due to the band’s option to release it through its Web site, inrainbows.

Letter to the editor

(Viewpoints writer) Gary Clark implicitly advocates a double standard of professionalism for gays and straights. According to him, gay people should be compelled to make a secret of their sexual orientation in the workplace, under a policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Don’t answer the phone; Bush is listening

President George Bush is pushing for a renewal of the Protect America Act, the law that would allow the National Security Agency to eavesdrop without a warrant. Under this legislation, telecommunications companies will be able to track foreign based communication without any overlook.

The wonderful misadventures of moving out

Straight up–moving sucks. Being uprooted from your home can be one of the most detrimental experiences, it can drive anyone crazy. So when thinking of moving, take some things into consideration. Take this past month when I got kicked out of my apartment and had to move out by the end of the week.

Civil War II: Bringing up secession again

The Civil War was almost 150 years ago, but the League of the South still feel that they are better off independent from the rest of the Untied States. Tired of foreign wars and what they call “right wing courts,” their wish is for the south as well as Hawaii and Alaska to secede peacefully and without conflict.

RCC passes accreditation

The Accreditation Committee came to the Riverside Community College District to survey and conclude whether or not the District is up to standard for Accreditation. Accreditation is essential to the college’s continual funding by federal government. Without it, the school would not be able to remain open.

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