Day: May 25, 2007

RCC Celebrates the last ‘Dance’

Modern Dance is “punk rock.” As Riverside City College student Brianna Barett summed up, modern dance is a departure away from most of the standards, rules and conventions of Classical dancing like ballet. It blends styles of the former and adds free flow movement as well as a center on individual expression.

Obama club starts on campus

The 2008 presidential race just might be one of the most interesting yet in comparison to previous races. The upcoming elections have everyone wondering who will win. With such candidates as Hilary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama there’s definitely an assortment of candidates.

The haunting of the Inn

I just want to get out of here. My initial feelings were that of fear while exploring the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, a creepy old building in the heart of Riverside’s downtown area. Standing four stories tall and taking up an entire block, the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa is one of the most beautiful and creepiest buildings I’ve ever been in.