The bug is back!

In these times of wild blockbuster productions, artsy indy films, and everything in between, one word can mean everything: hype. Hype can either come after the fact, turning a film that may not have been too successful at the box office into a beloved cult classic (as was the case with movies like 1999’s “Office Space”), or it can come worlds ahead of the release, resulting in what would have possibly been a decent film on its own, but instead falls much too short of its lofty expectations (much like 2006’s “Miami Vice.

‘Civic Duty’ sneaks a peek at paranoia

Jeff Renfroe’s “Civic Duty” is a lesson in the art of claustrophobic filmmaking. With the lion’s share of the movie taking place in confined spaces, specifically a small area next to a window, an effect is created of the walls closing in on the viewer.

Rodriguez leads the ‘Latin Kings’

With over a quarter of a century in the entertainment business under his belt, legendary comedian Paul Rodriguez shows no signs of stopping with the latest incarnation of his “Latin Kings of Comedy” tour hitting the road this spring. Headlining the five-year-old tour, Rodriguez is backed by a group of relatively unknown comics, in the form of Frank Lucero, Dennis Gaxiola, and Manny Maldonado.

‘Charlotte’ spins web at RCC

“Do you think the web is real?” asked one child. Perhaps it is. Hundreds of children from neighboring elementary schools came to see the musical adaptation of E.B. White’s beloved children’s novel “Charlotte’s Web,” May 4. The musical came to the Landis Auditorium courtesy of the Laguna Playhouse Theatre Reach program which does numerous renditions of children’s stories into Broadway-style musicals.

Three days in the Desert: Coachella 2007

Coachella is a whole other world in itself, a festival you must experience to even know the half of it. Fellow festival goers whom had been skeptical at first, but attended Coachella this year (mostly due to hyped up reunions) left fulfilled and wanting more.

Students march to City Hall

If one were to walk down the streets of University Avenue on May 1, one would have heard the beats of drums and the yells of a crowd throughout the air. That afternoon, starting at 3 p.m., students and supporters throughout Riverside marched together in support of immigration rights.

RCC student journalists receive awards, scholarships

Cinco de Mayo wasn’t the only thing being celebrated May 5 as Riverside City College students won 11 awards at the Society of Professional Journalists Southern California Excellence in Journalism awards ceremony. The ceremony recognized stories, photos and designs published in student newspapers and television newscasts from such colleges as RCC, UC Riverside, the University of La Verne, Cal Poly Pomona and Victor Valley College.

Tutorial Services ready to help students with finals

Have you ever felt lost or overwhelmed in a class and thought, “Oh, I’ll get help before the next test” Only to realize there is only a month left until the final? If this is your situation, the Riverside City College Tutorial Services are here to help.

Instructors get their game on

Video games may soon be a new tool for teachers. Riverside City College World Languages instructor Kathy Kelly held a workshop April 27 for instructors as well as students, demonstrating the unique educational advantage video games can serve in the classroom.

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