Heaven & Hell exorcise the Forum

On a blistering hot spring day in Los Angeles, the Great Western Forum looks relatively desolate. Only a core group of die-hard fans have shown up for the scheduled 7 p.m. start time, filling the floor space and only a small portion of the bright yellow and orange bleachers lining the sides of the arena, and Bay Area metal outfit Machine Head wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Rotella era at RCC comes to an end

Salvatore Rotella was inaugurated as the seventh president of Riverside Community College on Sept. 23, 1992. Almost 15 years later he is set to retire in August. Many people say that his time here was a successful period in the history of the college. We think that is true.

Rated R for smoking

On film, a guy walks into a bar, lights up a cigarette and kills the film rating. Smoking will now become a contributing factor in a film’s rating. At first, only underage smoking was considered, but now the Motion Picture Association of America has said that violence, sex and smoking of any kind will be factors in determining a film’s rating.

The ‘Latin Kings’ rule over Riverside

Lights flicker inside the Riverside Municipal Auditorium, echoing the excited nature of the crowd occupying the historic building. On May 17, over one thousand men and women have packed the auditorium to see legendary comedian Paul Rodriguez host the Crown Royal-sponsored “Latin Kings of Comedy” tour.

Giving hope, opportunity

The Workforce Preparation center at Riverside City College helps students with disadvantaged backgrounds achieve success in college and future careers. Each of the six legs of Workforce Preparation aim to help different types of students – from a general student, to foster children to those on public assistance.

Virginia Tech game creator puts pricetag on decency

Only on the Internet can you put people’s attention up for ransom. A game based on the Virginia Tech massacre was posted on Flash-based game site Newgrounds.com on May 12. Soon after the Australian creator, Ryan Lambourn, posted the game, he made a statement that he’d take it off.

Worst voter turnout in 10 years

Voting is the game, and Riverside City College students are the losers. As the slogan goes, vote or die and voting’s usually a lot less painful-usually. So it baffles the mind that there was such a dismal turnout for the student government elections that were held on May 16 and 17.

This festival is ‘Saturated’

This year was the sixth installment of Saturation Fest. Oddly enough, many locals in the Riverside or other surrounding areas have no idea was Saturation Fest is. Saturation Fest is organized by local Riverside resident Alaska Whelan and her crew of friends and volunteers. The event takes place in Downtown Riverside every year, and this year Saturation Fest was home to live music, art shows, dancing, poetry, burlesque, DJs, film, zines, art vendors, workshops, bike crews, and everything of the like.

‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ aims to aid Darfur

The Easter Bunny is nothing more than a cute piece of chocolate, Santa Clause is your egg-nogged dad in a suit, and the movie industry lives and dies by the almighty dollar. These are things you learn early on in life, and there’s just no changing them. Until George Clooney and his merry men decide otherwise.

‘Halo 3’ multiplayer beta first impressions

Bungie has once again set internet message boards on fire, giving “Crackdown” owners and a few lucky fans that registered online the Golden Ticket of 2007, early access to one of the years most anticipated games, “Halo 3.” The beta allows you to play online only, with 3 different maps.

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