Day: April 27, 2007

‘Here come the fuzz!’

2004’s “Shaun of the Dead” seems impossible to live up to. A thrilling blend of hilarious dialogue, gruesome zombie violence, and romantic overtones come together to create a cult classic in every sense of the word. Fast forward three years, and director Edgar Wright is at it again, this time with the action comedy, “Hot Fuzz,” in which a sergeant in the London Police, Nicholas Angel (star and co-writer Simon Pegg), finds himself on the receiving end of an unwanted transfer after his astounding accomplishments do nothing but make his teammates look incompetent.

Student trustee elections begin

Candidates running to be the next student trustee met in the Riverside City College cafeteria on April 5. There were two candidates vying for the position: Jorge Flores and Carlos Narango. As the meeting started, both candidates presented themselves to the crowd, addressing what they stand for, as well as what they’re going to bring to the position.

Candidate ca$h

It’s really sad that the bar has been raised even higher for the amount of money to run a successful presidential campaign. It’s become a money competition between the candidates; in the end, the one with the most money has the most power. Every year each presidential candidate tries to fund enough money to advertise and get the media’s attention.

Riverside students win awards

Awards were spread far and wide for Riverside City College students in the past weeks. From a prestigious local contest, to a karate tournament in Las Vegas, to our traditional Chalk Walk contest, RCC has been showing its resolve. Students attended the all inclusive contest SkillsUSA April 19-22 at the request of Rich Finner, the advisor for the RCC chapter.